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SYNTHESIS OF THE CONSTRUCTION AND ADJUSTMENT RULE OF THE composite controlled surface of a large radio telescope main reflector’s paraboloid


M. V. Belov

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University

Received May 4, 2011


Abstract. It is described general structural schemes of the composite controlled multipanel reflecting surface of the large millimeter radio telescope’s main reflector with frame-truss bottom, which uses hexagonal or trapezoidal mirror shields as statically defined rigid body with controlled spatial surface. Necessary and sufficient terms of the geometric invariability of the composite surface are identified. Also structural properties of the multielement surface structure and terms of its controllability are formed. The iterative asymptotically stable in vicinity of stabilization’s surface principle of adjusting positioning of spatial location of the reflecting surface’s fixed points is proposed.

 Key worlds: radio telescope, main reflector, composite reflecting surface, geometrical invariability, fixed points, controlled and uncontrolled ties, controllability, adjustment, asymptotic stability.