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The architecture of mobile robot, a part of software and hardware system

for group control algorithms development


V. A. Aleksandrov, A. I. Kobrin

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)

Received April 2, 2011, after correction - May 30, 2011

Abstract.  This article describes the hardware architecture of the autonomous mobile research mini-robot which is a part of the hardware & software complex created for studying multiagent cooperational control of mobile robot group algorithms. The mobile robot is equipped by the set of the onboard devices: 8x rangefinding modules, the radio communication module, 2x IR (infra-red) locators, capable to detect special IR-labels, IR directional communication module with the limited range, 2x encoders, 2x DC motors, indication and the sound notification systems. Use of a considerable quantity of sensors is motivated by necessity of application only internal navigation system without any external corrections. Thanks to it, the algorithms developed with use of this hardware & software complex can be applied in structurally similar problems in which external correction of navigating system of the mobile robot cannot be entered . Equipment of the mobile robot by the duplicated communication system (radio and IR) provides ample opportunities of interaction in a group of robots.

Keywords: electronics, mobile robot, group control, sensor based system.