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Absorption of Ultrawideband 35 GHz Chaotic Signals in Building Walls


A. I. Ryzhov 1, V. A. Lazarev 2, T. I. Mokhseni 1, D. V. Nikerov 2, Yu. V. Andreyev 1, F. S. Dmitriev 1, N. P. Chubinsky 2

1 Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 Moscow Institute of Physics and Electronics

 Received April 24, 2012


Abstract. Measurements of ultrawideband signal absorption in walls and floors of modern buildings are described. Available data on 400 10000 MHz radio wave propagation through wall materials are analyzed. Absorption of ultrawideband continuous chaotic signals in walls is measured. Experimental data on ultrawideband signals is compared with absorption data of narrowband probing signals.

Keywords: signal propagation, signal attenuation, signal absorption, microwave signals, narrowband signal, ultrawideband signal, UWB, UWB communications, dynamic chaos, chaotic radio pulse.