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An electron beam formation and its structure in cyclotron wave converter electron optics

Alexander V. Konnov 1, Gohar . Kazaryan 2, Dimitri . Mikheev 2, Vladimir L. Savvin 2, Tatiana I. Chernobay 3


1 FSUE R&P Corp. Toriy, Moscow

2 M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state university, physics faculty, chair of photonics and microwave physics

3 FSUE R&P Corp. Istok, Fryazino, Moscow region


 Received May 24, 2012


Abstarct. yclotron wave converter electron optics including electron gun with spherical impregnated cathode and magnetic system consisting of ring permanent magnets with radial magnetization is designed. The electron beam potential is 2000 V and cathode current is 0.14 A. 3D-simulation of the electron beam trajectories in the gun region is done. The best confinement condition is obtained by zero cathode magnetic fields. In this regime the beam envelope ripples are not more then 7%. Different focusing of near axis and peripheral particles led to the beam halo formation. The halo keeps about 10% of beam current. Ii is shown that for the correct computation of the cathode current is necessary to take into account the cathode kern thermal shift.

Keywords: microwave irradiation, cyclotron wave converter, electron gun, electron optics, electron beam formation, beam current, electron beam transport, magnetic field, envelope beam ripples, 3D-simulation.