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Usage of modified method of discrete sources in spheroidal and toroidal coordinates


A. G. Kurkchan, S. A. Manenkov, E. S. Negorozhina

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics 


Received May 28, 2013

Abstract: An efficient approach for the modified discrete sources method to the solution of three-dimensional scalar problems of wave diffraction by highly elongated and highly flattened axisymmetric particles, and the particles of the toroidal shape is proposed. It is shown that the use of spheroidal and toroidal coordinates is more convenient for this class of problems. The comparative analysis of these coordinate systems is provided. Itís shown, that the considered method can significantly reduce the amount of computation and greatly increases the variety of geometries of scatterers.

Key words: diffraction problem, a modified method of discrete sources, spherical, spheroidal, toroidal coordinates.