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Simulation of a single technological platform architecture of open research environment


S. A. Zhukova

Tchaikovsky Technological Institute (branch) of  the Izhevsk State Technical University


Received May 18, 2013

Abstract: This article deals with the principles to generate a system that provides the process automation of collecting, storing and processing of the data required to organize the research activities using the computer technologies on the basis of a one technology platform. The basic principles of the system generation are based on the open distributed systems to develop the profiles of scientific and educational environments and to generate their models as a basis of the development of the Regulatory and Engineering Provisions conform to the International standards and specifications. We describe the methods and the techniques of the resources systematization of the research activities, as well as the modes of their integration. We propose the composition and the structure of the system to support the research activities, and the results of the practice of the individual software elements. 

Keywords: global systems, open systems technology, information systems modeling, standard, specification.