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Dual-frequency adjustment autocollimating complex for RATAN-600 radio telescope


V. B. Khaikin 1, V. N. Radzikhovskii 2, S. E. Kuzmin 2, S. V. Shlenzin 2

1 RAS Special astrophysical observatory, St. Petersburg branch 

2 RPC “Iceberg-NT”


The paper is received on May 18, 2014


Abstract. Reported the completion of development and testing of a dual frequency autocollimating adjusting complex with spatial separation of  emitted  and received  signals at 8 mm and 2 cm ranges. The requirements  for sensitivity, dynamic range of the receiver and the power of  noise  source for autocollimating adjustment  of RATAN-600 radio telescope are considered. The features of the design of microwave parts of autocollimating adjusting complex and their characteristics are given. Test runs on the RATAN-600 showed reliable operation and the ability to provide an adjustment (alignment) antenna elements with an accuracy not worse than 0.1 mm.

 Key words: autocollimation adjustment, autocollimation adjusting complex, radio telescope.