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Waves in the system of coupled integrated dielectric waveguides

S. . Bankov, M. V. Vesnik
Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

The paper is received on May 20, 2014


Abstract. An infinite system of infinite coupled integrated dielectric waveguides is considered. Integrated waveguides containing dielectric slab between two metal screens as a central region and two outer regions formed by two-dimensional arrays of via holes in the slab are investigated. Dominant eigen modes of the waveguide system are studied with help of a numerical solution of electromagnetic problem obtained with help of a finite elements method. Frequency dependencies of eigen modes retardation factors and coupling coefficients are obtained. Structures with arrays with rectangular and hexagonal grids are considered. An approximate model of the investigated structure on the base of averaged dielectric constant of periodic media is proposed.

Keywords: coupled waveguides, dielectric waveguides, artificial media.