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Analysis of distortions and noises impact on QAM radio performance


S. Yu. Yatcenko

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) MAI


The paper is received on April 12, 2016,  after correction - on May 18, 2016


Abstract. In this paper distortions and noises, which take place in digital radio system, and their appearance causes are reviewed and discussed. It is evaluated the impact of distortions and noises on QAM radio performance. It is derived that first of all the QAM performance is depend on phase offset, which is summered by Amplitude Modulation/Phase modulation distortions, generally appearing in transmitter power amplifier, carrier recovery system phase offset and generators phase noise. Conventional analysis techniques and MATLAB/Simulink statistical simulation are used to solve the objective of this article.

Keywords: Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, Bit Error Rate, Nonlinear Distortions, Intersymbol Interference, In-phase/Quadrature Imbalance, Phase Offset.