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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30898/1684-1719.2023.5.3  



Choice of Ensemble of Broadband Noise-Immune Signals

for Satellite Communication Systems

with Multiple Access


M.А. Zaytsev 1, S.B. Savilkin 2, A.V. Suhov 3, V.I. Filatov 4



111024, Russia, Moscow, Prud Klyuchiki str., 2

2 Center of Visualization and Satellite Information Technologies, FSI Scientific Research Institute of System Analysis of the RAS

117218, Russia, Moscow, Nakhimovskii prosp., 36, b.1

3 Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

125993, Russia, Moscow, Volokolamskoe shosse, 4

4 Bauman Moscow State Technical University

105005, Russia, Moscow, 2-ya Baumanskaya str., 5, b.1


The paper was received January 17, 2023.


Abstract. In purpose to design satellite communication lines and calculate service areas, unfavorable combinations of signal propagation conditions are taken into account, which, when operating a repeater, leads to a significant decrease in the calculated signal level compared to the one actually used. The main indicator in this case is the correspondence of the declared level of the power flux density created by the satellite repeater at the Earth's surface to the real one. This task is of the highest priority in order to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of radioelectronic means and to ensure the required transmission capacity of information satellite systems.

Key words: communication spacecraft, mathematical model of a radio channel, control system.

Financing: Publication is made as part of national assignment for SRISA RAS (fundamental scientific research 47 GP) on the topic No. FNEF-2022-0022.

Corresponding author: Savilkin Sergey Borisovich, Savilkin@mail.ru



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Zaytsev M.A., Savilkin S.B., Suhov A.V., Filatov V.I. Choice of ensemble of broadband noise-immune signals for satellite communication systems with multiple access. Zhurnal radioelektroniki [Journal of Radio Electronics] [online]. 2023. №5. https://doi.org/10.30898/1684-1719.2023.5.3 (In Russian)