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Application of  Flock channels for the modeling of periodical nanostructure

A. A. Kurushin

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)

Received  October 7, corrected version - November 22,  2010

Abstract. With the help of programs HFSS and CST MWS   Reflection and Transfer Coefficient are calculated in the task  of falling of plane wave on the boundary between two layers. The Flock channels  have been applied for modeling of structure of periodically repeating structure fragments. Reflection Transfer Coefficient  through a boundary which density is 5 %  conic terminations are calculated. Such surface applying  in optical amplifiers, has the complex frequency response, depending on a falling angle plane wave. Results of calculation of Reflection coefficient  complex structure are compared to the data resulted in the literature.

Key words: optical structure, fall the plane wave on  the boundary between two layers, Flock Channels, the optical amplifier