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Spectral sensitivity of superconducting single photon detector


G. M. Chulkova,  A. V. Semenov, A. A. Korneev, A. I. Kordakova, N. V. Averyev, P. P. An, A. Yu. Kazakov, A. V. Trifonov

Moscow State Pedagogical University

Received October 31, 2011


Abstarct. We consider quantum efficiency dependence on photons’ energy from hot spot model.  Direction of quasiparticles diffusion drive across superconductive film. The maximal quantum efficiency is proportional to a probability of photon absorption. The spectral sensitivity of superconductive single photon detector does not have clearly expressed red limit.  Changing  regimes of work  depends on a wavelength we can get high  values of quantum efficiency in  visible and infrared range which will be specified  by the  quality of fabrication of detectors and their consistency with the radiation.

Key words: superconducting single-photon detector, SSPD, quantum efficiency, spectral sensitivity.