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Efficient image compression based on the differential Analysis

A. Yu. Grishentsev

National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Received October 1, 2012


Abstract: In this paper we propose a method for image compression based on the analysis of the differential structure. Was initially given the task of developing a method of compression specific high contrast satellite images in order to reduce costly traffic due to the spacecraft. As a result of the development made on the basis of SPb ITMO was obtained new image compression method based on the analysis of the differential structure. The resulting method has shown the possibility of applying to a wide range of graphic images in particular, and field in general. The paper discusses the concept of method, options software implementation, advanced techniques that improve the efficiency of the method, as well as examples and numerical estimates. This method of compression can be used for static and dynamic (video) images. Laid the basis for the conception principles allow you to create multi-threaded computing solutions both hardware and software, and only hardware. Computational complexity of the core compression algorithm (in its simplest implementation) can be estimated as the product of the linear dimensions of static images. Image compression based on the analysis of the differential structure is comparable to the degree of compression JPEG, the quality of the images obtained by the numerical criterion (,,) above, that may be important for computer image processing. To compress a relatively small number of operations that can have a positive impact on the loading of computing power spacecraft carrying the transfer of images.

Key words: compression, compression, data compression, image compression, the compression algorithm, the analysis of the differential image structure, differential compression.