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Trajectory control of observation in mobile passive aircraft system

V. I. Merkulov, D. A. Milyakov, V. S. Chernov

Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” Joint Stock Company

Received November 19, 2012


Abstract. A design of bistatic angle finder of spatially distributed airborne radio electronic control system is studied. The variant is intended for solution of a range of practical tasks which require continuous estimation of characteristics of radio sources. A variant of control of the receiving post of informational support with minimisation of localisation error of radio source is proposed. An algorithm is demonstrated based on statistical theory of optimal control of dynamic processes and its study is conducted. The gradient method of non-linear programming is used for obtaining optimal control of the receiving post of informational support. Results of a simulation are presented.

Keywords: trajectory control of observation, combat effectiveness, survivability, informativeness, system factors of onboard radar, tactical factors of radars, statistical theory of optimal control, secondary signal processing, non-linear programming.