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Characteristics of radiation of transmitted AESA in conditions of pointing errors and refusal of amplifier channels


T. R. Sabirov

Federal Enterprise «Lavochkin Association»

Received November 28, 2012


Abstract: The effect of malfunctions of AESA channels placed on the spacecraft on the radiation characteristics is considered. The form of the relevant patterns and the results of the quantitative analysis of the radiation from failure AESA channels is shown.  Randomly selected N channels, which were consistently turned off, were used in calculations.  Zero excitation amplitude of emitter was considered as turning off, and it was assumed that the emitter  is loaded. Calculations were made for phase-locked AESA, in a given direction in the azimuthal-elevation coordinate system with the mutual influence of radiators and errors in the initial phase of installation at the output of the gain.

Key words: AESA active modules, electronic components, spacecraft, failures of active elements, the radiation pattern.