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dual polarized Dual layer planar mirror


S. E. Bankov

Kotel'nikov Institute ofRadio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

Received November 12, 2012


Abstract. Problems of modeling and design of an important element of microwave planar optics dual layer dual polarized mirror on the base of parallel plate waveguides are considered. Construction of the planar mirror that provides energy transmission for waves of two orthogonal polarizations from one layer to another with simultaneous wave reflection in the backward direction is proposed. The mirror contains two parallel plate waveguides coupled through a common screen in form of array of metal strips. Eigen modes of such coupled waveguides are analyzed. It is shown that a correct choice of the structure parameters provides the same values of coupling coefficients of waves with orthogonal polarizations. An approximate model of the mirror obtained under the assumption about weak perturbation of parallel plate waveguide modes in the coupling region is obtained. Parameters of the planar mirror are numerically calculated with help of the model.

Keywords: planar mirror, dual layer planar mirror, dual polarized planar mirror, parallel plate waveguide.