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Mechanism of action of multifrequency and chaotic MM Wave on natural and water-containing objects

S. V. Savel’ev 1, O. V. Betskii 1, L. A. Morozova 2

1 Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow, Fryazino branch

2 Administration of Fryazino

Received November 15, 2012


Abstract. In the article the theoretical explanation of influence of multifrequency and chaotic MM Wave on water-containing and live biological objects is offered. The mechanism of action of such signals is based on radio response excitement on MM Wave. The explanation of increase of efficiency of action of information and wave and microwave resonant therapy in comparison with classical monochromatic MM Wave is offered.

Keywords: MM Wave, water-containing and natural objects, a radio response, homeostasis, information wave and microwave resonant therapy.