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The DEVELOPMENT OF Destructive electromagnetic effects IMPACTS MODEL on the UNITS AND COMPONENTS OF onboard digital computer system

 L. O. Myrova 1, A. V. Tsaregorodtsev 2, V. A. Mikhailov 3

1 Open Joint Stock Company "Moscow Radiotechnical Scientific Research Institute" ("MNIRTI")

2 VGNA Russian Finance Ministry

3 Open Joint Stock Company “ NII “ Argon”

Received October 18, 2012


Abstract. The analysis of existing approaches to the construction of modern onboard digital computer systems is performed. The basic principles of the development of destructive electromagnetic effects impacts model on the units and components of onboard digital computer system to create an intelligent system of analysis and evaluation of onboard digital computer system’s resistance to destructive electromagnetic effects during the design and operation are offered.

Keywords: onboard digital computer system, electromagnetic effect, intelligent system, model.