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Stochastic radar: the conditions of solution of detection, assessment and filtering tasks


Yu. N.Gorbunov

Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino Branch

The paper is received on October 22, 2014


Abstract. We consider the stochastic approach to solving the problems of traditional radar: detection, estimation, filtering. Stochastic radar is based on the concept of implementation in the processing and formation of radar signals artificial stochasticity, assuming along with the natural stochasticity, due to the random nature of the input signals, the randomization process conditions "technique - transfer". This is - an introduction to the process of monitoring objectives and parameters processing circuits signal generating random parameters, procedures and components. Examples are: the wobble frequency of repetition rearrangement carrier frequency, modulation quantization thresholds, the use of stochastic quantization scales and measuring, using standard random additives, etc. This article analyzes the conditions for resolving the key tasks of radar - detection, estimation and filtering, and provides concrete examples of technical applications relating to the new field of "stochastic radar."

Keywords: stochastic analog-to-digital conversion, the selection of moving targets, randomization, stochastic sampling of time and space, the noise radar.