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Noninvasive arterial blood pressure active measurements based on pulse wave prediction dependent sensor control

V. E. Antciperov, G. K. Mansurov

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS


The paper is received on November 19, 2015


Abstract: The report presents the latest results of developing a new method of noninvasive continuous blood pressure monitoring. This method is based on the principle of pulse wave compensation. It is shown that sensors for such a measurement should be not only smart, but also active. In this connection, a part of introduction is devoted to the issues of expanding the concept of smart sensors to the concept of active sensors. A significant part of the report describes the technical designed of the active sensor for noninvasive pressure measurement. The results of its calibration and testing are under discussion. The main section of the report is devoted to the development of software for active sensor control – its intellectual stuffing. We describe and justify a new principle of managing active measurement of quasi-periodic processes – pulse wave compensation based on patterns forecast.

Key words:  bio-medical signals processing; smart sensors; active sensors; active measurements, compensation method; noninvasive arterial blood pressure monitoring; point processes, wideband pulse processes, multiscale correlational analysis, analytic spectra.