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 Microwave supervision of stratospheric ozone over the Central Asian region by means of a radiometric spectrometer (RMS-001) of millimeter range


A. T. Orozobakov, B. B. Sayakbaeva, K. Sh. Ashymkanov, G. Ryskul kyzy 

Acad. J.Jeenbaev Institute of Physical and Technical Problems and Materials Science of the NAS KR, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


The paper is received on October 14, 2015, after correction - on November 11, 2015


Abstract: The principle of work of a spektroradiometer at the compensation mode is given. According to results of periodic spectral measurements of transparency of the terrestrial atmosphere it was established that variations of ozone occur generally in the lower layers of a stratosphere (20-30) km. Comparison of results of day and night supervision confirmed the daily course of the content of ozone in the top part of a stratosphere where excess of concentration of ozone after sunset over day increased by 11%-30%. High-rise distributions of ozone for typical days of supervision are presented.

Key words: radio waves, radiation, wavelength, shutter, concentration of ozone.