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Использование перенормировки спектра для восстановления изображений, искажённых гидрометеорами


А. В. Кокошкин, В. А. Коротков , К. В. Коротков , Е. П. Новичихин

 Фрязинский филиал Института радиотехники и электроники им. В.А. Котельникова РАН,  

141120, Московская область, г. Фрязино, пл. академика Введенского, д.1


Статья поступила в редакцию 26 октября 2017 г.


Аннотация. В работе предлагается использовать спектральный подход применительно к задачам улучшения различимости объектов в изображениях при наличии гидрометеоров, при этом появляется дополнительная возможность борьбы с рассеянием которое, проявляется в виде размытия и с большой долей вероятности, может возникать на реальных трассах наблюдения.

Ключевые слова: спектр, перенормировка, изображения искажённые гидрометеорами.

Abstract. The distinction of objects in images obtained in different ranges of electromagnetic waves depends on the presence of atmospheric formations, for example, hydrometeors (fog, snow, rain). This topic is relevant and issues related with it, are raised in many works.

The distortion of the image by hydrometeors in some cases is described as the sum of two correlated factors - the absorption of radiation coming from the object and illumination by the scattered radiation of the atmosphere. However, the high quality of image restoration requires a lot of time for image processing.

Another way to combat distortions, caused by hydrometeors, is to increase the contrast by converting the dynamic range of image brightness. This method only partially compensates for distortion.

In order to correspond to real conditions better, it is necessary to supplement the model of propagation medium by scattering radio waves on the path. This implies, in addition to the necessity of increasing the contrast, to reconstruct the image, distorted by the hardware system function (HSF), which simulates the scattering indicatrix.

In the first approximation, as the scattering model we take the Gauss HSF with relatively small but initially unknown width. Thus, the general problem is divided into two stages - increasing the contrast and restoring the image, which has been distorted by unknown HSF scattering.

In our arsenal of tools for image reconstruction there is a method of renormalization with limitation (MRL). It not only allows you to restore images distorted by a known hardware function in the presence of unknown interference and noise, but also produces a recovery with an unknown HSF. In the latter case, the possibility of a successful solution of the problem is determined by the fact that the amplitude spectrum of the image which is improved, renormalized to the universal reference spectrum model (URS).

In the suggested work, a new proposal is to use the spectral approach with application to the problems of improving the distinguishability of objects in images in the presence of hydrometeors, and there is an additional possibility of combating scattering, which, with a high probability, can occur on observation tracks.

It is shown, that without taking into account scattering effects it is not always possible to reconstruct the images obtained in the presence of hydrometeors. The spectral approach to solving problems of increasing the discernibility of details in images distorted by hydrometeors gives additional opportunities in new areas of applied applications.

Key words: spectrum, renormalization, images distorted by hydrometeors.

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А. В. Кокошкин, В. А. Коротков, К. В. Коротков, Е. П. Новичихин. Использование перенормировки спектра для восстановления изображений, искажённых гидрометеорами. Журнал радиоэлектроники [электронный журнал]. 2017. №11. Режим доступа: http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/nov17/3/text.pdf