Journal of Radio Electronics. eISSN 1684-1719. 2023. 11

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Features of receiving signals of the radar complex 

in the LUNA-RESOURCE-1 project


V.N. Marchuk, O.V. Yushkova


Kotelnikov's Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences,

 Fryazino Branch, Vvedenskii sq. 1, Fryazino, Moscow region, 141190, Russian Federation


The paper was received September 15, 2023


Abstract. The features of reception and digitization of radio signals reflected from the ground of the RLC-L radar complex are considered. The complex consists of Radar 20 (frequency range 17.5 22.5 MHz) and Radar 200 (frequency range 140 180 MHz). To reduce the amount of data transmitted to Earth during reception, analog heterodyning will be applied, which will additionally allow the use of a cheaper and more reliable device that converts the input analog signal into a discrete code.

Key words: the Moon, spacecraft, radar, radiosignal, linear frequency modulation, heterodyning.

Financing: The work was carried out within the framework of the State Assignment of the Kotelnikov’s Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Corresponding author: Marchuk Vasily N.


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For citation:

Marchuk V.N., Yushkova O.V. Features of receiving signals of the radar complex in the LUNA-RESOURCE-1 project. // Journal of Radio Electronics. – 2023. – №. 11. (In Russian)