Journal of Radio Electronics. eISSN 1684-1719. 2023. 11

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V.N. Kornienko, V.V. Kulagin


Kotelnikov IRE RAS
125009, Russia, Moscow, Mokhovaya str., 11, b.7


The paper was received November 23, 2023


Abstract. Using the methods of a computational experiment, a study was made of the process of focusing a monopolar electromagnetic pulse by a cylindrical paraboloid. It is shown that the field of a monopolar pulse with a plane wavefront, reflected and transmitted through the focus of a cylindrical paraboloid, becomes bipolar, and the time dependence of the electric field is proportional to the time derivative of the incident pulse field.

Keywords: monopolar electromagnetic pulse, focusing.

Financing: The work was carried out within the framework of the state assignment of the Kotelnikov IRE RAS.

Correspondingauthor: Kornienko Vladimir Nikolaevich


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For citation:

Kornienko V.N., Kulagin V.V. Focusing a monopolar electromagnetic pulse by a 2D parabolic mirror. // Journal of Radio Electronics. 2023. . 11. (In Russian)