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Numerical simulation of operation of two gyrotrons with a common resonant reflector


Yu.V. Novozhilova, A.A. Bogdashov, A.V. Nazarovsky, A.P. Fokin, M.Yu. Glyavin, G.G. Denisov


Federal Research Center A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, Ul'yanov St., 46


The paper was received November 27, 2023


Abstract. The generation regimes of two gyrotrons with a common narrow-band resonant reflector were studied using numerical simulation in the approximation of a fixed field structure. The dependences of the output power and generation efficiency, frequency and phase of oscillations of each gyrotron on system parameters, such as the driving magnetic field, mutual detuning of the gyrotrons eigen frequencies and the phase delay of the reflected wave, have been calculated. Using the example of gyrotrons at a frequency of 28 GHz with an output power of up to 10 kW, the possibility of stabilizing the radiation frequency of two gyrotrons when part of their power is reflected from an external high-Q resonator was demonstrated. It is shown that even if the eigen frequencies of the gyrotron resonators and the delay phases of the reflected wave do not coincide, it is possible to obtain frequency-stable states in which the phase difference of the gyrotrons does not depend on time and on the initial conditions, while the radiation power of each gyrotron exceeds the power of autonomous generation.

Key words: gyrotron frequency locking, numerical simulation, reflection from a high-Q resonator.

Financing: The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, grant No. 19-79-30071,

Corresponding author: Novozhilova Yulia Vladimirovna,


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Novozhilova Yu.V., Bogdashov A.A., Nazarovsky A.V., Fokin A.P., Glyavin M.Yu., Denisov G.G. Numerical simulation of operation of two gyrotrons with a common resonant reflector // Journal of Radio Electronics. 2023. . 11. (In Russian)