Journal of Radio Electronics. eISSN 1684-1719. 2023. 11

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V.P. Fedosov, R.R. Ibadov, S.R. Ibadov


Institute of Radio Engineering Systems and Control, Southern Federal University

347928, Russia, Taganrog, Nekrasovsky per., 44.


The paper was received September 5, 2023.


Abstract. One of the most important tasks for ensuring life safety is monitoring objects and tracking the behavior of people in urban infrastructure from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs). Difficulties arise when the UAVs is used for surveillance in areas that are difficult or unsuitable for humans to access, and then there is a risk of accidents. Therefore, analysis, reconstruction and tracking of objects can help in solving existing cases. As a critical technology in computer vision and video processing, video object segmentation has far-reaching pragmatic and application implications. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for segmenting video objects based on background reconstruction for extracting moving objects from a video sequence taken from a UAVs. In the theoretical part of the work, methods for detecting and segmenting moving objects are considered based on background subtraction algorithms, the optical flow of the Kalman filter. An exact mask for detecting changes is proposed, taking into account the estimate of the threshold of noise characteristics, as well as an algorithm for detecting movements. A qualitative analysis of the background reconstruction error was carried out using a statistical criterion. A modified algorithm for obtaining a change detection mask (MDM) using a threshold estimated using noise characteristics is proposed. The results of segmentation of objects, calculation of the root-mean-square error of background reconstruction for the proposed method when extracting moving objects are shown. The developed method allows you to effectively recognize and extract moving objects in a video sequence. This algorithm is suitable for the case when the UAVs freezes in the air. After the background reconstruction, there are small defects that can be eliminated using morphological operations.

Key words: segmentation, image reconstruction, correlation, dispersion, UAVs.

Financing: The study was carried out with the support of a grant from the Russian Science Foundation No. 22-29-01389 of 21.12.2021 at the Southern Federal University.

Corresponding author: Ibadov Ragim Raufevich,



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For citation:

Fedosov V.P., Ibadov R.R., Ibadov S.R. Segmentation algorithm for selecting moving objects based on background reconstruction using noise characteristics parameters. // Journal of Radio Electronics. – 2023. – №. 11. (In Russian)