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Self-organizing broadband signal antenna system


Evgeniy A. Kozhevnikov
Institute of Communication Systems, Moscow

Received October 3, 2011


Abstract. Self-organizing broadband signal antenna system is suggested for radio relay, troposcatter and satellite communication systems in conditions of dynamic signal noise. The system is operated on the principle peak-holding (optimizing) control using orthogonal search oscillations and synchronous detection. In the search and synchronization mode adjustment is carried out not under the maximal signal/interference +noise as in commonly used systems, but under the minimum of total signal strength and noise. After the ratio of signal/interference +noise at the output reaches threshold value the system is managed under the broadband signal convolution. The system is compatible with mirror, hybrid mirror, bird cage (cylindrical) antennas and hemispherically scanned antenna arrays with isotropic direction characteristic.

Keywords: broadband signal, interference, convolution, peak-holding (optimizing) control, antenna.