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Energy exchange between field and wideband linear oscillator ensemble excited by short pulse


V. N. Kornienko 1), A. P. Privezentsev 2), V. A. Cherepenin 1)

1) Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

2) Chelyabinsk State University

The paper is received on October 3, 2013

Abstract. The dynamics of the interaction of a short pulse with an ensemble of linear oscillators, discrete frequencies which are evenly distributed in the spectral range corresponding to the width of the exciting pulse, was investigated with the methods of computational experiment. It is shown that a periodic response ("echo") is formed in such a system. Regardless of the presence of stored energy in the ensemble of oscillators, the total energy of the emitted pulse response does not exceed the energy absorbed by the ensemble as initial pulse of the field passes through its location.

Keywords: the ensemble of oscillators, photon echo.