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Precision thermostatting of high-overtone bulk-acoustic resonator. Simulation and synthesis of control system

A. P. Zagorodnov, A. N. Yakunin

Precise Mechanics and Control Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saratov

The paper is received on October 25, 2013

Abstract: The results of the solutions of actual problem  - the precision (at a level not less then 3,310-6) temperature control of a sapphire high-overtone bulk-acoustic resonator are presented in the paper. Necessity of thermal stabilization of system construction based on two thermoelectric modules connected in series with introduction of a damping layer between them is justified. A control system has been synthesized taking into account the dynamic properties of such a structure, an algorithm of its configuration is described, features of transients are investigated. The results of simulation of thermal stabilization system, proving the fundamental possibility of creation of a generator on a sapphire high-overtone bulk-acoustic resonator for modern radar systems with high sensitivity and resolution, are presented.

Keywords: radiolocation, high-overtone bulk-acoustic resonator, precision thermostatting, simulation, control system.