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Methods and data processing algorithms of wind coherence doppler lidar profiler with conical scanning


V. R. Akhmetianov, D. N. Vasilev, M. A. Konyaev, O. A. Mishina, M. S. Penkin, G. A. Petrov, Y.A. Tezadov , I. V. Shatalov, I. F. Shiriaev

Laser system Ltd.

The paper is received on September 4, 2013, after correction - on October 28, 2013

Abstract: The paper deals with questions related to the program-algorithmic software of the wind coherent doppler lidar profiler, which is intended for operational monitoring of the wind characteristics of the atmosphere and, in particular, to determine such meteorological phenomenon as wind shear in the area of the airport's runway. The principle of operation of the lidar profiler with continuous conical scanning is described. Methods and algorithms of processing of lidar signal, as the basis of the profiler program-algorithmic support, are considered.

Key words: wind speed and direction, doppler lidar, methods and algorithms for signal processing.