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The radio beam targeting with the refraction of the Earth's atmosphere


A. N. Detkov, S. I. Zherebtsov, I. A. Makarov

JSC «Research-and-production Complex Scientific-Research Institute of Long Distance Radiocommunication», Russia, Moscow

Received October 11, 2013

Abstract. The algorithm for the numerical simulation of the propagation of the radio beam in the lower part of the atmosphere of the Earth using both unperturbed and perturbed, arbitrarily defined, the dependence of the refractive index of the height of the atmosphere by setting different starting elevations electrical axis of the antenna, including the negative ones was developed. We propose the method of calculating the initial elevation angle of the radio beam, providing target illumination at a given height and distances, including «the-horizon» on the basis of the algorithm. The dependencies of the final height of the radio beam from the initial elevation of your dish for the technically important characteristic of installation options for various antenna height ranges to the target were demonstrated.

Keywords: refraction, refractive index, gradient of refractive index, the radio beam targeting, the angle of elevation.