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current-voltage characteristics of red and yellow AlGaInP HETEROSTRUCTURES under Gamma and fast neutron irradiation


A. V. Gradoboev 1,2, K. N. Orlova 1, I. A. Asanov 2

1 Tomsk Polytechnical University, Urga branch

2 Scientific Institute of Semiconductor Devices, Tomsk

The paper is received on October 17, 2013

Abstract. Research results of the current-voltage characteristics of red (630 nm) and yellow (590 nm) AlGaInP light-emitting diodes are presented under irradiation by gamma rays to 60Co dose of 5∙106 Gy and fast neutron fluence of 2∙1014 n/cm2. An operating mode is passive. It is shown that changes in the current-voltage characteristics are absent in the all dose and fluences range. The current-voltage characteristics found two distinct phases, which are estimated to correspond to areas of average and strong injection. Detailed investigation of the current-voltage characteristics of LEDs allows to associate these areas with two mechanisms of current generation - the injection of charge carriers and the injection of charge carriers along with the modulation of the AlGaInP active field resistance in the semi-logarithmic scale.

Keywords: heterostructures AlGaInP, radiation hardness, light-emitting diodes.