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The chaotic instability of magnetostatic surface waves paths in the “bank-type” field with space modulation


V. I. Shcheglov

Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Fryazino, Moscow region

The paper is received on September 23, 2014


Abstract. The propagation of magnetostatic surface waves (MSSW) in ferrite plate biased by nonuniform magnetic “bank-type” field with space modulation is investigated. It is shown that in this conditions the MSSW wave beam paths take place of chaotic character showed in chaotic jumps of amplitude, frequency and phase. In is found the effect of path “outshining”, consist of its breaking by outgoing to the same space region where the field is less than low field boundary of MSSW spectrum. It is shown that the most strong paths chaotic character is caused by modulation of slope ”bank” steepness, slightly less of top height and the least – the displacement of its top. It is shown that the most strong chaotic character take place by the work on the frequency near the top boundary of MSSW spectrum. It was noted that observed phenomena are resembled to the particle motion in “mixing billiard”. In the parameter which makes mixing it was shown to wave number of MSSW. It was considered the practice realization of observed phenomena and made the recommendations to its experiment observation.

Key words: ferrite, magnetostatic wave, chaotic vibrations.