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Modeling of propagation of hector meter and more long electromagnetic waves
over paths covered by forest


Yu. B. Bashkuev, M. G. Dembelov

Institute of physical material sciences of SB of RAS


The paper is received on May 2, 2015, after correction - on September 28, 2015


Abstract: Results of modeling of the ground wave field created by vertical electric dipole over layered structure “forest-soil” are offered in the paper. It is shown that conditions of radio wave propagation over forest massif with high inductive impedance in the 50-200 kHz ranges are more favourable than over soil without forest. Values of module of an attenuation function |W| that exceed 1,74 and that was account for by surface electromagnetic wave (SEW) were obtained. For |W| > 1, conditions for propagation are more favorable than over homogeneous conducting surface. After analysis of numerical data for |W| and field level E for paths with forest height from 7 to 25 meters, it is established that conditions of radio wave propagation over forest paths depend on frequency, forest height and distance from transmitter for high inductive surface impedance. Results of modeling have showed profound effect of forest massifs on radio wave propagation in the VLF-MF ranges.

Key words: surface electromagnetic wave, forest massif, surface impedance, conductivity, attenuation function.