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УДК 621.371, 621.372


О. А. Дьяконова, Д. С. Каленов, Ю. Н. Казанцев

Институт радиотехники и электроники им. В. А. Котельникова РАН


Статья поступила в редакцию 11 октября 2016 г.


Аннотация. В данной работе описан автоматизированный комплекс для измерения коэффициентов прохождения и отражения от плоских образцов в условиях свободного пространства в диапазоне 3,5 – 37,5 ГГц. Приведены результаты измерения отражения от периодической решетки из разомкнутых колец, а также комплексной диэлектрической проницаемости резистивных пленок.

Ключевые слова: скалярные анализаторы цепей, свободное пространство, коэффициенты прохождения и отражения, сантиметровые волны.

Abstract. In this paper we implemented an automated measuring system for the frequency band 3.5 - 37.5 GHz based on a set of six scalar network analyzers and six pairs of smooth horn antennas. Horn antennas are designed in IRE RAS transformed H01 fundamental mode of a rectangular waveguide horn at the entrance to the quasi-plane wave at the output. Smooth transition horn for low reflection rate (<- 25 dB). As the computer system used measuring and computing complex based on the ATX computer. The interface components are based on standard module ADC L-Card E14-140. Computer used interactively. The software runs under the Windows XP operating system. Control routines, data collection and reporting are written in language Lab View. The complex allows you to quickly measure the reflection coefficients (to a level of - 25 dB) and the passage (to the level of - 30 dB) flat specimens periodic lattices and materials, including radio-absorbing materials and the resistive film. Checking coordination of all elements of measurement system carried out by measuring the calibration sample. Calibration sample is a plane-parallel dielectric plate made of polystyrene 4mm thick. There is good agreement between the results of measurement and calculation, confirming the need for accuracy. The accuracy of measurement of reflection and transmission coefficients is sufficient to assess the complex permittivity of the thin film resistor that is subject to a comparison with the results of independent measurements in a plant equipped with a vector network analyzer.

Key words: scalar network analyzers, the measurement in free space, transmission and reflection coefficients, centimeter wave ranges.