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Formational features of the band gaps in one-dimensional large contrast photonic crystals


M. V. Lazarev 1,2, A. M. Merzlikin 1


1 Institute of Theoretical and Applied Electrodynamics of RAS

2 MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

Received June 6, 2011


Abstract. Usually, the formation of band gaps in photonic crystals (PCs) associated with the condition of Bragg reflection, when the optical path length through the unit cell size of half a wavelength. In this article we have shown that at high contrast admittance values of layers, forming a one-dimensional PC, there can be formed band gaps when the optical path length through the unit cell is much less than half the wavelength. Physical implementation of this PC available in the UHF range. Qualitative explanation of this effect is based on the multipass concept. We derive the condition for resonance reflection applicable to photonic crystals of a large contrast.

Keywords: photonic crystals, high contrast of permeability constant, multipass.