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On choice of algorithms at complexing signal methods and methods of space-time processing of broadband signals


Kozhevnikov Evgeniy Alekcandrovich
Institute of Communication Systems

Received September 6, 2011


Abstarct. Common adaptive circuits use priory information on difference in the direction of the desired signal and suppressed interferences arrival, which results in the inability to provide a required ratio of the desired signal strength to the interferences strength in the conditions of priory ambiguity of time-varying directions of the desired signal and interferences arrival. In the suggested algorithm it is managed under the two-loop circuit for the interference and the high-precision broadband signal under the principle of peak-holding (optimizing) control using orthogonal search oscillations and synchronous detection. In the search and synchronization mode adjustment is carried out not under the maximal signal/interference +noise as in commonly used systems, but under the minimum of total signal strength and noise. After the ratio of signal/interference +noise at the output reaches threshold value the system is managed under the broadband signal convolution.
Circuits, signal, information, direction, interference.