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UDC 535.361.2 

Detection of absorbent inhomogeneity in biological tissues in diffuse optical tomography using late arriving photons

S. G. Proskurin, S. V. Frolov, A. Yu. Potlov

 Tambov State Technical University, department "Biomedical engineering"

Received August 20, 2012, after correction - September
4, 2012

Abstract. A new method of immediate inhomogeneity detection (hematoma, cyst, tumour), which is determined prior of image reconstruction by means of diffuse optical tomography (DOT). The method is based on detection of late arriving photons (LAP), which are scattered and diffusely travel through biological object or a phantom are used for the purpose. In experiment, near infrared femtosecond pulsed laser is used as a source of irradiation. Streak camera with detection array is used as a detector. Theoretical part describes diffusion model of a bunch of photons model of a drop, which uniformly fills the object with time and moves to the center of it.

Keywords: diffuse optical tomography (DOT), inhomogeneity detection, late arriving photons (LAP), optical properties of biological objects.