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Investigation of the influence of the number of discretization levels of blurred image on the restoration quality

. Yu. Zrazhevsky, A. V. Kokoshkin, V. A. Korotkov

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino branch

Received September 2, 2013

Abstract : The difference in image quality is almost not distinguishable by human being if 256 (the most common) or 128 and even 64 brightness levels are used. However, errors due to discretization of analog signal play a significant role in improvement of image quality. The latter is important in constructing radio-vision systems. The image quality can be decreased after saving it on a disk due to dropping of an excessive (at first glance) accuracy. The purpose of this paper is investigation of the influence of the noise produced by discretization of brightness on the process of the improvement of the image quality.

Key words: discretization noise, image restoration.