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The magnetoelastic ultra-sound pulses propagation in poly-crystal yttrium iron garnet plates in conditions of nonuniform intrinsic field. Part 1. Transverse magnetization


D. S. Beznosikov 1, V. S. Vlasov 1, V. G. Shavrov 2, V. I. Shcheglov 2
1 Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russia
2 Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Moscow, Russia

The paper is received on September 16, 2014


Abstract. The experimental investigation of transverse elastic waves propagation in poly-crystal yttrium iron garnet specimens biased by magnetic field normal to propagation wave direction is made. For theoretical interpretation of observed phenomena it is proposed the model of domain magnetization vectors orientational transition. It is found the phenomenon of orientational transition delay. For its interpretation the model of asymmetrical increasing of different signs closed domain fields is proposed. It is found two mechanisms of elastic wave decay in specimen with domains: the swing magnetization vectors and exchange waves excitation. It is shown that theoretical model results describe the experiments in accuracy not less than 5%.

Key words: elastic wave, damping, magnetoelastic interaction, domain structure.††