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Studying the capabilities of small baselines technique via ASAR/ENVISAT and PALSAR/ALOS data processing by means of SBAS software module of SARSCAPE package.
Part 2.
Results of experiments


A. A. Feoktistov 1, A. I . Zakharov 2, M. A. Gusev 1, P. V. Denisov 1

1 Joint Stock Company “Russian Space Systems”

2 Fryazino branch of Kotelnikov’ Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences


The paper is received on August 25, 2015


Abstract. Results of experimental studies of small baselines technique are presented. SAR ASAR/ENVISAT and PALSAR/ALOS data sets were processed by SBAS module of SARscape software package, the sub-satellite GPS measurements were involved in the processing and analysis chain also.

Key words: small baselines technique, SBAS, SAR, ASAR/ENVISAT, PALSAR/ALOS, SARscape, connection graph, atmospheric phase screen, DEM.