"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 9, 2018

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Millimeter-wave properties of rutile-polystyrene composite


E. E. Chigryai, I. P. Nikitin

Fryazino Branch of Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Vvedensky Sq.1, Fryazino Moscow region 141190, Russia


The paper is received on September 12, 2018


Abstract. A model of a composite material consisting of a finely dispersed powder of rutile in a polystyrene matrix is presented. The dielectric properties of the material in the millimeter wave range are described by formulas that are valid for static electric fields. Lichteneckerís empirical formula is applied to the calculation of the complex dielectric permittivity of the composite. The real and imaginary parts of the permittivity of the rutile-polystyrene composite are obtained as a function of the volume concentration of the components in the millimeter-wave range. The experimental verification of the model is carried out on rutile-polystyrene samples prepared at the Research and Production Corporation "Istok," Fryazino, Moscow region. The samples were in the form of disks with diameter of 100 mm and thickness of 2.3 mm. The measurements were carried out at frequency of 70 GHz on samples with two values of the concentration of rutile by the standard method of investigation of dielectric materials in the millimeter wave range and did not reveal any appreciable dispersion in the dielectric properties along the plane of the samples, which is indicative of uniform distribution of the rutile powder in the polystyrene matrix. The real and imaginary parts of the permittivity calculated within the model are in good agreement with the results of measurements of the real composite: the difference between the measured and the model values is less than 1% for the real part and about 5% for the imaginary part. The model proposed provides a convenient tool for the design of materials with prescribed dielectric properties that can be used as matching layers between media with strongly different dielectric properties in various fields of application of millimeter waves.

Key words: (dielectric) permittivity, composite, polystyrene, rutile, Lichteneckerís formula.


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For citation:
E. E. Chigryai, I. P. Nikitin. Millimeter-wave properties of rutile-polystyrene composite. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. 2018. No. 9. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/sep18/20/text.pdf

DOI  10.30898/1684-1719.2018.9.20