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Application of the theory of digital filtering for the investigation of radio systems in the time-frequency and space domains


Yu. N. Gorbunov1, V. A. Goncharov2, T. M. Volkova3

1 Academician Berg Radio-Technical Instutute, Moscow
2 Radio Concern "Vega", Moscow
3 Institute of Optical-Physical Measurements, Moscow

Received August 10, 2012

Abstract. In the work the difference equations are entered for the analysis of linear radio systems. Canonical scheme based on the entered of equations is constructed. Under this scheme digital filters are classified as recursive, non-recursive and complex. According to the method of multipliers Lagrange weights coefficients of nonrecursive digital filters of arbitrary order are optimized. Coefficient of improvement the transfer function of the notch filter is analyzed.

Keywords: difference equations, canonical scheme, radio system, transfer function, optimization of the weight coefficients, coefficient of the improvement.