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One of Ways of Creation of the Integrated Optical Components for the Optical Processor

 M. V. Pylypenko, V. Yeg. Hodakov, F. N. Tsivilsky, D. L. Kiriychuk, G.V. Balurko
Kherson National Technical University
, Ukraine 

Received April 10, 2008

For solving the problem of speed increasing of computers with good prospects are optical devices capable of executing the whole spectra of mathematical operations: differentiation, integration, work with complex functions etc., but they, as a rule, represent some class of the peripheral devices. Their lack is that in the majority they are analog, that is: low accuracy of calculations, difficulty of programming, unproved logic and arithmetic operations with numbers. The existing computing devices functions of logic gates realize and are constructed on the classical architectural decisions. They are not only bulky, but also the presence of electrical and electronic components considerably reduces speed of calculation of logic functions. In many decisions the opportunity of complex functions calculation on the basis of a base element is impossible. The whole class of the patented integrated optical logic devices carrying out calculation of logic operations by an exclusively optical way is developed and offered by the authors. That gives a large speed of calculations, integrated realizability and safety in operation. All described devices can represent to the full components of the optical processor without using electrical feeding.