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2D and 4D vector signals with good correlation properties

Y. A. Furman, I. L. Egoshina, R. V. Eruslanov
Mari-El State Technical University, Yoshkar-Ola

 Received March 12, 2012


Abstract. The discrete modulating sequence for phase-coded probing signal obtaining are considered. The vectors of these sequences are the elements of unitary space  s and quaternion space . It is shown that some types of these signals can to have the ideal correlate properties. Two classes of such signals the components of which are the vectors which are form the orthogonal basis in  and  are described.

Keywords: discrete complex valued signal, discrete quaternion signal, uniform energy spectrum, ideal correlate properties, unitary vector space, quaternion vector space, elementary contour, composition contour, phase-coded signal processing, cyclic matched filtration, "by S-step incremental summing" algorithm.