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Quasi planar method of securing the object for EMC omnidirectional azimuth antenna


A. Ŕ. Mozol`1, V. Ŕ. Golovskoy 2

1FGI «SPA «Special equipment and telecoms» of the MIA of the Russian Federation

2Krasnodar Higher Military School


The paper is received on April 6, 2016


Abstract. This paper proposes a method for solving the problem of on-site EMC in the current group of radio for omnidirectional antennas in azimuth. The method lies in the use of classic EMC criteria for determining a location of electronic device in a horizontal plane determined by the required value of the installation height. This problem is solved with respect to the off-axis angle of the antenna pair of calculation method for deterministic approach.

Key words: electromagnetic compatibility, allocated radio-electronic device, emitter of interference, elevation.