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Experimental study of nonlinear microstrip lattice with metamaterial substrate


D. V. Semenikhina, N. I. Chikov, A. I. Semenikhin, N. N. Gorbatenko
Southern Federal University , Taganrog


The paper is received on April 10, 2016

Abstract.  In this paper the reflective properties of a layout of a nonlinear microstrip lattice with the substrate of the MM are studied to confirm the possibility of aligning multiple harmonic components of the reflected field. The complex frequency characteristics of the reflection and transmission for the layout of the microstrip substrate from the metamaterial were experimentally obtained. On this basis, the process of homogenization is conducted to confirm operability of the layout MM and evaluation the accuracy of the electrodynamics model.

Keywords: metamaterial, DNG-structure, nonlinear scattering, microstrip lattice, homogenization.