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Design of a L1 band patch antenna array for GPS/GLONASS systems

Andrey N. Plastikov

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Department of Antenna Devices and Radio Wave Propagation

Received July 31, 2012

Abstract. Design of the seven element microstrip antenna array for operation in L1-band is presented in this article. Numerical calculations were made by the use of  the finite difference time domain method. Advices on the application of the manual mesh settings are given. Differences between simulated characteristics of the radiation field and the reflection coefficient of a single isolated antenna element and an element in the array are noted. The construction of manufactured antenna system is described. A comparison between simulated and measured S-parameters is also presented.

Keywords: microstrip antenna, finite difference time domain method,  finite integration technique, GPS/GLONASS antenna, antenna array, manual meshing.