"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 8, 2016

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Impact of SAR raw data compression on synthesis performance of radar images


I. M. Nesterov 1,2

1 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (state university)



The paper is received on July 13, 2016


Abstract. In this paper the impact of raw SAR data compression on the quality of synthesis of radar images was researched. Different approaches to the lossy data compression are considered: block adaptive quantization (BAQ), BAQ algorithm in data polar format, Vector Quantization (VQ), Wavelet Transform D4 algorithm (WT D4). These algorithms allow achieving compression ratio from 2 to 8 times for 8-bit inphase and quadrature samples. Statistic properties of raw SAR data were described. The performance measure of SAR data compression (signal quantization noise ratio - SQNR) was introduced. SQNR ratios of above-stated algorithms and decompressed SAR data were obtained by models described in this paper. These decompressed data were used for synthesis SAR image. The algorithms have the same performance, when compression ratio equals 4 or greater. If compression ratio less than 4, BAQ in both formats and VQ have better SQNR performance than WT D4 on 2-5 dB.

Key words: SAR data compression, BAQ, vector quantization, Daubechies wavelet D4, radar images.


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