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Superlattices and figurate numbers in the model of signal processing system and colour perception


S. L. Chernyshev 1, L. S. Chernyshev 2

MATIRussian State Technological University
SMM Prostor

The paper is received on December 18, 2013

Abstract: Figurate superlattice possess useful properties for parallel processing of signals in cellular nonlinear networks. The model of the system of pictures processing as artificial retina is examined. The numbering of the superlattice that form cellular nonlinear network as the sets of elements of the matrix, is used. The properties of figured superlattice, depending on their sequence numbers and position in the matrix are investigated.

Key words: Fibonacci superlattice, Figurate number, Figurate superlattice, Stochastic matrices, Cellular nonlinear network, Artificial retina.